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What makes us special

Production & Herbs

Provide our customers with Spanish top quality herbs at highly competitive prices from the Campo Cartagena to anywhere in the world.

Your Spanish herbs producer

52 weeks production on herbs

Supply from Spain to Europe

Production process

Land and Soil

the process begins selecting productive land and analyzing the soil. Our team develop the best soil for our herbs based on R&D so we can make sure that our herbs receive the best nutrition.

Seeds and baby plants

Some plants start as a seed, some are grown from small branches in the nursery. Both start life with careful, loving selection and planting.


Our team create and conserve optimal growing conditions. We use herbicides and pesticides according to EU Norm. When possible only organic products. We monitor on regular basis the level of residues in our crops and the quality of the water to ensure the health of all of our herbs.


When the plants are grown we carefully harvest the herbs. Our harvesting team is experienced working with sensible plants like fresh herbs. The team harvest the herbs according to customers specifications in different lengths and formats.


Before our herbs leave the warehouse the quality team check our produce ensuring they meet customers’ expectations in terms of high quality and freshness. We storage the herbs few hours in cooling rooms before they go through a vacuum cooling system. This way the produce has an ideal temperature for transport. Only then are they permitted to be sent to our customers.


Our highly motivated logistics team organize for our customers the transport of the produce to different countries making sure that the transport conditions are optimal for a long shelf life.

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Growing areas

What is the Campo de Cartagena?

The Campo de Cartagena is a natural region of the Region of Murcia, Spain. It is located in the southeast of the Iberian Peninsula, forming a plain that extends from the Sierra de Carrasco and to the Mediterranean Sea.

The Campo de Cartagena, which brings together more than 400,000 inhabitants in 1855.14 km², has in Cartagena main headquarter representing a pole of tourism, culture, industry and nature, with more than 18,500 hectares.
The specials weather conditions of this area have made it key for growing a wide range of products such as: lettuces, baby leaves, herbs, watermelon, melon, artichoke, pepper, celeries, lemon, orange and many more.

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